I offer editorial services including but not limited to book coaching, developmental feedback, beta reading, and query letter assistance. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me through this website for details and any questions you have regarding your current project and goals. I prefer to customize a plan for each client so that they can get the most from their experience. There are different levels of engagement:

Option 1. Book Coaching: If you have an idea and would like to work weekly with a coach to solidify your ideas into a book, this is for you. This includes a weekly call, a complete map and list of deadlines and goals, and a series of developmental feedback on the work.

Option 2. Developmental Editing: If you have a book written and are seeking an expert eye on the work before you begin sending to agents or editors, this is for you. We begin with a phone call to discuss your desires with the manuscript. Then I offer feedback on a sample 10 pages or one chapter. Once you agree with my style/process, I move forward. Depending upon the length of the work, this could take 2-4 weeks. I review the entire work and write a report for you as well as mark up the book.

Option 3. Beta Reader: If you have a book, have revised it, and just want to talk to someone about it, this is for you. I read the work and we discuss with notes any concerns, genre, and reader response. Though this isn't as detailed as developmental editing, however, it's sometimes all one needs to move forward. And, it's an economical way to go.

Option 4. Query Edit: If you have a book, and are either drafting a query or have a query drafted already, I offer the detailed review of the letter with line-by-line suggestions and a short review feedback page.